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Kafka meetup, with guest speakers of Confluent & Lightbend, Inc.

By December 13, 2018April 8th, 2020Events, News

Kafka meetup, with guest speakers of Confluent & Lightbend, Inc.


On the 11th of December, Confluent and Klarrio invited the Belgian Kafka community for the second Belgium Apache Kafka® Meetup. It was a very interesting evening with an enthusiastic crowd and a lot of interaction.

Florent Ramière – Confluent – dove into the fundamental properties that make Kafka so unique, scalable and robust. He demonstrated how you can leverage them with Kafka Connect, with a pinch of KSQL, to provide business value.

Kafka is a great messaging system if you have a limited set of clients that work on a limited set of topics in the same network as your kafka brokers. Bart Vercammen – Klarrio – explained how you can build a pub/sub system, capable to connect millions of clients that work on millions of topics and that are geographically distributed. He described how you can implement a bi-directional messaging system on top of Kafka that can scale to this size.

Building fast data architectures that deliver scalable and resilient real-time applications is a challenging undertaking. They force architecture changes to meet new demands for reliability and dynamic scalability. Gerard Maas – Lightbend Inc. – identifies the key characteristics of Fast Data application architectures, breaks down these architectures into functional blocks and explores some of the leading technologies that implement these functions.

The energized people, the lively Q&A after each talk, and the networking over beers & pizza proved the strength of the meetup concept and the value for the community.